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  • UoH-IoE project on “In quest of next generation high temperature materials with high specific strength using the multi-principal element approach”, UoH-IoE (2021-2025), INR. 52.32 lakhs, Principal Investigator.

  • DRDO-DMRL project on "Study of Nb-Mo-Ti-Zr complex concentrated alloy (CCA) and effect of Ti, Zr and W on phase stability", DRDO-DMRL (2022-2024), INR. 31.12 Lakhs, Principal Investigator.

  • Indo-German project on “High strength spring steels with reduced low temperature creep for lightweight designs”, IGSTC (2019-2023), (Total budget: INR. 7.12 crores, UoH share: INR. 1.88 crores), Principal Investigator.

  • Friction stir welding of RAFM steel: Feasibility studies by optimization of process parameters and evaluation of associated mechanical properties, BRNS (2015- 2019), INR. 50 lakhs, Principal Investigator.

  • Laser shock peening on austenitic stainless steels, BRFST (2012-2015), INR. 45 lakhs, Co-Principal Investigator.

  • Deformation characteristics of bulk multi-phase nanostructured materials, DST (2011- 2014), INR.13 lakhs, Principal Investigator.

  • Seed grant from University of Hyderabad to work on mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline materials (2010), INR. 5 lakhs, Principal Investigator.

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